Does Money Make a (Wo)man Happy?

Adamu Danjuma
4 min readFeb 17, 2021


I didn’t plan to pen down an op-ed article today. However, a few moments ago, as soon as I came online, glanced through my incoming chats, and read the lastest news in Nigeria and at the foreign scene, a member of one of the WhatsApp groups that I belong to brought what follows before us as the topic of today’s discussion.

That above-mentioned member enquired succinctly:



So, having picked an already-pronounced interest in what had been asked, I now want to share my thoughts with you on same. I hope you’ll read it and end up telling me what you feel about it. But, before then, it will interest you to note that I’m not to be seen as a relationship expert! I don’t claim to be an accomplished financial advisor either.

So, my words on this cyberspace are exclusively an embodiment of my passion for writing creatively. Anything outside the latter doesn’t represent me and my thoughts. I, therefore, wish you a happy reading experience here.


I think this topic is a good one. It invites diversified opinions here and there. However, it's relatively broad. Broad because no specifications are given as regards MEN and WOMEN here. Must we, someone may ask, generalize things?

Or let me simply ask:

Do all men think in the same direction? Do all women have the same priority when entering into a relationship that will later resist the test of time?

Suggestively, the topic-like questions could have been:

Why do some men think that money makes a woman happy?

Why is money a priority in a relationship?

Men and women, or ladies and gentlemen, should all feel free to contribute to this discourse, for good, growth, and posterity.

Here is my humble take:

Firstly, all like every other person who knows what money truly is, I like money in my own way. (No lori iro here, friends!)


Money is everything– we do say. Don't we?

Personally, it is not the exclusive source of my happiness as a gentleman, but one of its many elements. I need money to do so many beautiful things. You need it, too. Don't you?

How then do you feel when you can not, unfortunately, help someone simply because you don't have that seemingly but handy amount of money?

Owo ni koko

In your life today, what could you have possibly done/achieved should you have all the money you needed last year?🙈

Do you know that there is at least someone who has plenty of money but doesn't have the peace of mind you're enjoying as a not-very-rich person? (Brethren, I pray that may we have money, and more money, genuinely.)

Some people have money but they can't give birth to a child. Dear friends, they have wealth, not peace and joy in their homes. 😣

Therefore, I don’t think that only money makes a sane person happy. No doubts, a woman is a person and I believe she’s not finding her entire happiness in money all alone. For example, some women, not all of them, prefer a man who has their time and can keep the communication line opened. They want a best friend, not a fearful foe. A peacemaker, not a troublemaker...

Besides, they want not just a caring lovebird but a tolerant husband who cares a great deal about them; he who can protect their dignity and let them feel loved to its fullest. Such women aren’t after someone who has only huge largess but doesn’t satisfy them in all cases. Aside your money, brother, your wife need you. All of you.😊

Many women will not probably look for someone who doesn’t have their time and cares less about them. They mayn’t feel happy in the home of a husband who will violently abuse them in spite of his fortune. And, as they say, the list goes on.

Of money and happiness, women and men, there are so many sayable and unsayable things to consider, my dearest pals!

Understandably, I don’t think anyone, nowadays, will ever pray not to have money. A man needs money, likewise a woman. Money does add many happinesses in our life. Without money, we can’t do many things effectively, such as buying food, cars, offering charity, building a luxurious cum fully furnished apartment, or taking care of our health in an ultramodern hospital. Money, of course, is always the focal point of every discussion.

Secondly, I don’t think all women prioritize money as the sole basis of starting their marital relationship.

Lastly, money is a very, very important tool of our happiness as human beings. We, therefore, should not allow it to control us completely. If we do, it will mar us verily.

We make money. Money doesn’t make us. We can be happy. Money can’t be. We do spend money. Money doesn’t spend us…

Let's be guided. We have our values. Let's reflect on them while chasing fortune by day and by night. Some people say that happiness free. Isn't it? Some will conclude that even in Freetown, nothing is free. What, then, does money mean to you?

Many thanks.



Adamu Danjuma

Author of Les Larmes d'une Plume Esseulée, Adamu is a multilingual speaker & an emerging poet-writer. He's passionate about journalism & literature.