Esteemed Leader, I’ve Written You A Letter

Adamu Danjuma
3 min readFeb 1, 2021

Esteemed leader, today, my right hand has followed the path of my heart to send you this letter which, I feel, will be read and reflected upon by you. As you’re taking a step forward in the realm of leadership in this completely globalized era, I sincerely wish you all tremendous successes and sound health so as to be able to lead, not oppress, love not hate, appease, not intensify, dialogue, not impose, educate not miseducate, share opportunities, not keep them in the cage of nothingness. I barely know who you are or where you live right now. So, my role, as a pen-pusher, is to inform, inspire, and encourage you through my words which, one could say, are the bricks of my world. Happy reading!

As a leader, don’t tell them to do it. Join them, motivate them, and assist them to do it well. As a leader, don’t impose something just for the sake of it. With your team, ideate. As a leader, don’t just do it. Show how is it done. As a leader, be charismatic. Those under your tutelage will obey you. As a leader, know that today’s position is temporal. Life is ephemeral. With your subjects, be simplistic, jovial, and shun every unkind act. Be humble, not proud. Don’t tell your subordinates they are only a bunch of lazy lads, empower them. Always see good in them. They, too, have unlimited potentials– all like you. Naturally, you, and every human being, are not but the same. So, treat them with civility. Be amicable. As a leader, you lead. Yours should be leadership, not hardship. As a leader, you take suggestions, study them, and pick– based on feasibility– the best out of the rest. As a leader, you give a shoulder to the people you have set out to lead, for good, progress, and humanity. To the fellow brethren under your watch, you are also supposed to protect their own interests–not exclusively yours all alone. As a leader, you are a part of an entity. Your language speaks of "WE" not "I", "OURS" not "MINE". As a leader, you prettily know that you are not always right. You give room to diversified voices and handle them diplomatically. When you know that you have stepped on someone’s toe, you quickly seek for forgiveness, not try to send that fellow to jail or to the place of no return. As a leader, you understand that arguments can’t be always won by only you. So, when you don’t win argumentatively, you move on. As a leader, you don’t just talk, you listen often. As a leader you don’t have to expect the people around you to appreciate you even if you don’t deserve such. A fortiori, you, too, have to appreciate them. Show them love and care. They will care for [and love] you even more. As they say, love is a universal language. Even the deaf ears can hear it. As a leader, your office is not meant to make things difficult. Change your mind. As a leader, you grow together and achieve greatness with your workers. They make things happen– with you by their side, giving them a helping hand here, supervising a project there.

Who, then, is the leader?

I am the leader.

You are the leader.

He is the leader.

She is the leader.

We are the leaders.

They are the leaders.

Let’s lead by example.



Adamu Danjuma

Author of Les Larmes d'une Plume Esseulée, Adamu is a multilingual speaker & an emerging poet-writer. He's passionate about journalism & literature.