Love: The Other Name of Humanity?

I am in love with the words that speak, highly, about positivity and discourage, diplomatically, all the discourses geared towards negativity. I’m in love with the flower that blossoms and the sun that, every morning, rises above all. I’m in love with the smile that makes men handsome and the laughter that makes women pretty. I’m in love with the hand that gives a dime to the needy. O, every now and then, I’m in love! I’m in love with the passing of time that makes people to be productive. I’m in love with history that tells us about our past and prepares us — at present — for a brighter future. I’m in love with literature that deals with the human conditions and teaches us the art of expressing our innermost feelings or how to travel, afar, through books. I’m in love with science, with knowledge, and with innovative solutions to world’s most pressing issues. Cosmologically and ethically, I’m in love with philosophy that, for example, trains our minds to say why, how, where, when, and other forms of questioning. I’m in love with languages and the way they are spoken across cultures. I’m in love with everything that unites us. I’m in love with reconciliation, peace, progress, dialogue or conflict resolution. I’m in love with hard work and its numerous rewards. I’m in love with harmonious coexistence in the land, our land; and in the world, our world. O, I’m in love with the overall well-being of our common humanity in its entirety! (@adamuwrites)



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Adamu Danjuma

Author of Les Larmes d'une Plume Esseulée, Adamu is a multilingual speaker & an emerging poet-writer. He's passionate about journalism & literature.