Ya Ramadan

Adamu Danjuma
Apr 26, 2021

Month of zillion amount
Of blessing and adoration
Coupled with kindness
Shown to one another,
You are unique a month
Of hard work and obedience
To Lord’s commandments.

Time spent carefully – for
At the sight of the moon –
The heart is awaken.
The eyes are widely-opened
To peruse the words
Of the Glorious Qur'an.

Ramadan will come and go.
Before it goes, explore it
To the fullest. O thee, say
Your prayer – for the Most
Compassionate answers you –




Adamu Danjuma

Author of Les Larmes d'une Plume Esseulée, Adamu is a multilingual speaker & an emerging poet-writer. He's passionate about journalism & literature.